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Solid Rugs

Solid Modern Rugs from Room & Board

Room & Board offers solid modern rugs in a full spectrum of beautiful colors and rich textures that can stand gracefully alone or be layered to complement one another for a cohesive look throughout your home.

Rugs provide a foundation for living room, dining rooms, bedrooms and entryways of every size. Bold colors prove solid rugs can offer a powerful chance to play with perfect color pairings, or you can let the simplicity of a neutral modern area rug allow furniture or art to take the main stage.

Determining which rug material is best for your�room is essential. It?s important to consider how your space will be used, what kind of traffic it will receive and how much softness you desire.

Constructed to last, all Room & Board rugs are made of superior materials selected for softness and durability you can both see and feel including:


The most common material used for rugs, wool is always welcomed for its durability and softness. Wool contains natural lanolin oil that makes wool rugs both stain resistant and flame retardant without chemicals.

Wool Blends

Room & Board wool blend rugs combine the beauty and resilience of wool with synthetic materials for a silky feel at a great value, providing a modern area rug that?s colorfast and stain resistant ? ready to take on any busy room in your home.

Recycled Nylon

Made from 100% recycled post-consumer content, our nylon yarns are durable enough for heavy traffic areas and outdoor spaces. Room & Board nylon rugs will not shed and are easy to clean.

If you have a hard-to-fit space, Room & Board also offers custom rugs made to your exact measurements.�Regardless if�you prefer a square, rectangular or round rug, you can choose the length and width and get a custom-sized floor covering made just for you.

Whether you choose a flat-weave, low-pile, or shag rug, be sure to add a rug pad to keep it from slipping or bunching. Room & Board recommends using padding under every rug to protect your flooring.

Room & Board also provides free design services, including assistance with choosing the rug materials, rug size, colors and rug patterns best for your space. Our non-commissioned Design Associates are here to help.

And if you?d like to see how a specific pattern will look in your home, you can order a rug sample for a $25 refundable fee. Check out the Room & Board guide to choosing the ideal rug to learn more.