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Modern & Contemporary Outdoor Furniture from Room & Board

Room & Board believes in creating an outdoor space, patio, balcony or deck with furniture that's as beautiful and functional as what's inside your home. You'll find modern outdoor furniture and modern outdoor decor that's built to weather the elements, standing up to wind, rain and sun.

The design inspiration of Room & Board's outdoor collection takes a cue from our indoor living and dining furniture. Room & Board outdoor lounge furniture is so stylish, you'll be tempted to move it indoors. We are inspired by the enduring movements of the past, including Shaker, Asian, Mid-century Modern, Danish and Arts & Crafts, which have influenced our modern outdoor furniture sets.

Browse Room & Board lounge seating, including outdoor sofas and sectionals, outdoor chairs and chaises and outdoor benches and ottomans. Every upholstered lounge piece is made with high-performance materials. Sofa frames are made from marine-grade plywood to resist water, warping and cracking for lasting durability. We only use Sunbrella® fabrics on our outdoor furniture, which is known for its fade and stain resistance. Plus, it makes easy-to-clean outdoor furniture. Our outdoor cushions are made from high-quality foam designed to take on the elements while providing maximum comfort. Precision-cut frame parts fit together like puzzle pieces and are reinforced with waterproof glue and rust-resistant fasteners for enhanced outdoor performance. See more details about our outdoor fabrics and materials.

Modern outdoor dining sets and collections include a mix of materials like ipe wood and steel, so they hold up better than other materials. Room & Board offers outdoor dining tables, chairs, benches and stools, as well as outdoor counter tables and bar tables. Need an exact size of table for your outdoor area? Browse Room & Board custom outdoor tables

Outdoor decor and accessories will have your deck, patio or balcony looking fresh and modern. Easily add our outdoor umbrellas. Each one features fade-and mildew-resistant Sunbrella fabric for durability. These easy-to-use outdoor umbrellas can stand on their own or be part of a table. Discover outdoor comfort with Room & Board fade-resistant pillows and indoor/outdoor rugs. 

Give your greenery a place to grow with stylish modern planters. We offer ceramic planters, molded plastic planters and steel planters. Use these indoor/outdoor planters anywhere - they look great on their own or in groups. Many of our planters are made by hand in America of high-quality U.S. and imported materials.

Find outdoor furniture covers from Room & Board. We offer outdoor accent table covers, chair and ottoman covers, chaise covers, sofa covers, umbrella covers, and outdoor table and chair covers.

Shop Room & Board modern outdoor furniture and outdoor decor at or visit one of our stores.

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