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Wall Sconces

Modern & Contemporary Bath Wall Sconces From Room & Board

A well-lit bathroom helps you see clearly while you get ready in the morning and offers the right lighting throughout the day. Room & Board bathroom wall sconces provide quality light while adding modern lamp design.

Wall-mounted lamps are versatile lighting solutions for your bathroom. A single sconce can be used to highlight architectural features or brighten small spaces. Or mount pairs of wall sconces to flank a bathroom mirror or medicine cabinet for flattering lighting and interesting architectural interest.

Bathrooms tend to be more humid or damp than the rest of your home. That?s why our bathroom wall sconces are hardwired. We recommend you call in a professional electrician to install them.

Our wall sconces include energy-efficient LED bulbs, which are long-lasting. They give off a warm white light that?s perfect in a bathroom.

Explore all of our modern and contemporary bath lighting on or find the Room & Board store nearest you to see these products in person.