Room & Board is a Certified B Corp™

Room & Board is a Certified B Corp™

Making Room for Good

Room & Board’s long-standing commitment to sustainability and our communities was recognized in 2023 when we became a Certified B Corporation.

B Means Benefit for All

B Corps are companies certified by B Lab™, the nonprofit network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. Considering people and the planet alongside profit is something we’ve done since the beginning, with plans to do even more in the future.

Why We’re a B Corp

We pursued certification to be transparent with you about our business practices, quantify the impact of our choices, and hold ourselves accountable for continued improvement. We hope to encourage others in our industry to join us in using their business as a force for good.

How We Got There

B Corps are assessed on five impact areas. See some of the actions that helped us achieve our certification.

  • Environment

    We are taking steps to ensure ethical and sustainable sourcing of key raw materials, while striving for climate neutrality in our operations.

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  • Workers

    We foster a culture of inclusion and well-being and provide generous benefits for staff members.

    Learn about our culture
  • Community

    We manufacture more than 90% of our furniture within the U.S., supporting local craftspeople and communities.

    Meet our craftspeople
  • Customers

    We treat customers how we’d want to be treated, from shopping to long after your furniture arrives.

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  • Governance

    We updated our governing documents to consider all stakeholders—workers, customers, communities, suppliers and the environment—in our decisions.

Better Products

We are committed to more sustainably designing and sourcing products through improved materials and practices.

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Better for People

Supporting and building the well-being of staff, craftspeople and local communities is part of our everyday work.

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Better for the Planet

We’re striving to protect our environment through our operations and business practices.

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