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Dining & Kitchen

Modern Dining Room & Kitchen Furniture from Room & Board

From casual contemporary kitchens to modern or formal dining rooms, Room & Board offers modern dining room and kitchen furniture to make your space functional and beautiful.

The design inspiration of each dining or kitchen table, dining chair and storage piece is rooted in the enduring movements of the past, including Shaker, Asian, Mid-century Modern, Danish and Arts & Crafts. We incorporate these home design influences to create timeless, durable dining furniture that is relevant and useful for today's modern lifestyle.

Room & Board offers modern dining and kitchen furniture, designing exclusive contemporary dining tables, including all-wood tables, stone top tables, glass top tables, square, round, trestle and pedestal tables, as well as extension tables. We also carry modern buffets, dining armoires and linen and tableware storage pieces. Each piece of dining furniture offers a unique design point of view and is made in the United States from the finest domestically sourced and imported materials.

We work with American manufacturers who oftentimes use materials that are right in their backyards. Room & Board believes the best dining and kitchen furniture comes from the best materials, so we use sustainably sourced materials in our furniture as much as possible.

Looking for modern dining or kitchen sets? All Room & Board tables and chairs mix together effortlessly. We mix wood, fabric, leather, stone, natural steel and stainless steel throughout our dining collections. You can shop confidently knowing all of these materials naturally work together to create a dining room that's contemporary, comfortable and personal.

A stylish kitchen doesn’t stop with furniture. Check out our modern decor for your dining room and kitchen space. You'll love the handcrafted touches of unique items like solid wood candle holders, handcrafted nesting ceramic bowls, hand block-printed dining table runners and more. We also have a range of contemporary dining and kitchen decor items like towels, napkin rings, hooks, shelves, pendants, mirrors and art.

Customize upholstered dining chairs from over 300 fabrics and select leathers to get the exact look you want. Order free fabric and leather swatches to see how each one would look in your home. Design custom dining cabinets: choose your size, depth, type of wood and type of base and hardware.

Room & Board offers an industry-leading table designer program called Top + Base. Our Top + Base tables allow you to choose from 26 top material options to pair with one of our 11 distinctive wood or steel table bases. Round tables, rectangular and square tables are all available in our Top + Base program.

Modernize your eating area with a contemporary bar cart. We offer a range of sizes and styles, from glass and steel bar carts to round and rectangular designs, and all Room & Board carts have wheels for easy movement. Looking for more storage? Check out our bar cabinets, with drop-down doors and wine rack storage.

Shop Room & Board modern dining tables, dining chairs, kitchen storage and kitchen decor at or visit one of our stores.

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