Seating Ideas for a Small Living Room

Your living room should be a place for relaxing and entertaining, no matter your square footage. Check out the best furniture for small living room seating and easily shop our favorite sofas and loveseats, sectionals, chairs, sleeper sofas and ottomans.

Small Space Sofa & Loveseat Ideas

Design Ideas

  • Choose a sofa or loveseat with thin or low arms and a low back. The slim profile helps your space feel visually light.
  • Maximize the airy feel of a small living room with a sofa or loveseat that is up on legs. The open space underneath creates a more spacious look.
  • Opt for fabrics or leathers in solid patterns or neutral colors.

Tiny Tip:
Place a long mirror above a sofa to add depth and the illusion of more space.

Small Spaces Sectional Ideas

Design Ideas

  • Modular sectionals allow you to easily select individual pieces and place them however you need. You can easily change the set-up no matter the space or occasion.
  • An L-shaped sectional acts as a helpful room divider and can define your living space.
  • Sectionals may take up less square footage than two or three pieces of smaller furniture. Consider a sectional instead of a sofa and accent chair combination.
  • Choose a sectional with thin or low arms, or one that is up on legs to keep your space feeling open and airy.

Tiny Tip:
Artisan-crafted dining chairs are often smaller in scale but have high design impact that’s more than suitable for a living room.

Small Space Accent Chair Ideas

Design Ideas

  • Round chairs take up less floor space than a traditional accent chair. (Bonus if they swivel!)
  • Minimize visual weight with an artisan-crafted wood chair. The light silhouette allows your room to feel more open, while natural wood adds a warm, modern touch.
  • If there isn’t enough space for a sofa or sectional, go all out with comfort and choose a chair that’s just as cozy.

Small Space Sleeper Sofa & Chair Ideas

Design Ideas

  • Two-in-one functionality is a dream for small living rooms. Consider a larger sleeper sofa if it will double as your primary bed.
  • Choose a sleeper sofa with built-in storage to stow linens, blankets and more.
  • Convertible sofas offer a smaller footprint than traditional sleeper sofas.
  • A sleeper chair packs all the comfort and function of a sleeper sofa into a smaller design.

Small Space Ottoman Ideas

Design Ideas

  • Functional and stylish, ottomans can do triple-duty: seating, surface area, and a place to rest your feet.
  • Ottomans are easy to move and place anywhere as needed. Opt for an ottoman on wheels for maximum mobility.

Small Spaces, Big Ideas

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