Space-saving Furniture Ideas

Maximizing square footage is a must in small spaces. You can use your space efficiently with multi-purpose and space-saving furniture, and you don’t have to sacrifice on style thanks to our modern, timeless designs.

Extension Tables & Drop-leaf Tables

Extension and drop-leaf tables provide the best of both worlds: a larger table when you need it, and a smaller footprint when you don't. Most of our extension tables have built-in leaves so you don't have to worry about storing additional pieces. These modern tables also work as extra prep areas if you're tight on counter space in the kitchen.

Stackable Chairs

Stackable chairs are perfect for seating needs on the fly. Easily store and stack chairs away when not in use, and pull them out whenever needed. Plus, these chairs are lightweight so they’re easy to move.

Small Sleeper Sofas & Convertible Sofas

These aren’t your average sleeper sofas. Each sleeper is designed to be comfortable enough to be a primary bed, meaning you get a sofa and bed in one piece of furniture. Convertible sofas often take up less space than a traditional sofa and offer a stylish spot for overnight guests.

Storage Benches

Store everything in a stylish bench or ottoman. Not only will it conceal small items, but it can also function as an extra seat, surface or spot to rest your feet. Easily movable and designed to complement a variety of styles, our benches and ottomans will be the hardest working pieces of furniture in your space, large or small.

Shelves & Ledges

Go vertical! If you’re short on floor space, modern shelves and ledges make it easy to maximize open walls. Create a built-in look or unique arrangement to store items and display photos or artwork.