Outdoor Fabrics & Materials

We design our outdoor furniture with easy care and durability in mind. Discover which outdoor fabrics and materials are right for you.

Outdoor Fabrics

Bring indoor style outdoors with high‑tech fabrics that balance beauty and performance.

Mist Flat Weave

Fade resistant and easy to clean, this stylish Revolution® fabric is durable enough for kids, pets and the great outdoors.

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Pelham Plain Weave

Sleek and modern with plenty of color choices, Pelham is a plain weave Revolution® fabric that’s strong, easy to clean and woven in the U.S.

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Niro Plain Weave

Featuring excellent UV resistance and a Revolution® outdoor performance rating, this modern fabric has a smooth, tight weave and it can be easily cleaned.

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Nevan Tweed

Nevan is a Revolution® outdoor performance fabric that has the look and feel of a cotton basket-weave fabric but it’s woven from durable polypropylene yarns.

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Kloss Boucle

Easy to clean and UV-resistant, Kloss is a durable Revolution® fabric. Kloss features a weave designed to emulate Terry cloth, but it won’t absorb moisture.

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Phipps Tweed

This classic basket weave fabric by InsideOut® has a soft, high-low texture for outdoor coziness, and it cleans up easily with a quick spray of the hose.

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Corso Herringbone

Take a classic herringbone weave outdoors with Corso. This fade-resistant Revolution® fabric is woven in the U.S. from durable yarns that feel soft to the touch.

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Outdoor Materials

Spend time outdoors hassle-free, no matter what climate you call home.

  • Stainless steel

Outdoor Stainless Steel

When cared for properly, our outdoor steel will last a lifetime thanks to its upgraded composition. It is domestically sourced and made from 80% recycled material.

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  •  bellpowdercoatwhite
  •  bellpowdercoatsilver
  •  bellpowdercoatgraphite
  •  bellpowdercoatred
  •  saffronpowdercoat_emu
  •  cognacpowdercoat_emu

Powder-coated Steel

Heavier than aluminum, our powder-coated outdoor steel is strong and durable in any climate. The smooth powder coat provides extra protection against heat, moisture and humidity changes.

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  •  saffronpc
  •  cognacpc
  •  mineral_pc
  •  taupepowdercoatsteel
  •  sagepc
  •  bellpowdercoatocean
  •  indigopc
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Powder-coated Aluminum

Our outdoor aluminum features modern colors and a smooth powder coat. Inherently rust resistant and strong, this metal’s coating provides a second layer of defense against heat, moisture and humidity changes.

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  •  lollred
  •  lollorange
  •  lollgreen
  •  lollblue
  •  lollblack
  •  lolllightgrey
  •  lollgrey
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Recycled HDPE

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is ideal for outdoor use because it is durable, non-porous, waterproof and fade resistant. Ours is made partially from recycled plastics like milk jugs and shampoo bottles.

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  •  minipoppy
  •  miniyellow
  •  miniwhite
  •  miniblue
  •  minigrey
  •  tiffanytaupe
  •  minidarkgrey
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Outdoor Plastic

From polypropylene and polyethylene to nylon and polyester, outdoor plastic can take many forms. It is an extraordinarily durable material that resists moisture, cracking, fading and stains, and is ideal for climates near salt water or air pollution.

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  •  therm_modifiedash

Thermally Modified Ash

Our thermally modified ash comes from a combination of sustainably managed U.S. forests and fallen urban ash trees. Resistant to weather and pests, this durable wood ages to a beautiful silver-grey color over the course of a year.

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  •  upcycledairbagwhite

Upcycled Airbags

This textile is crafted from upcycled airbags that are diverted from landfill waste thanks to a partnership between an airbag factory and a workshop in Los Angeles. The material is soft, durable, waterproof and flame-resistant.

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  •  whitepetgcomposite
  •  greypetgcomposite
  •  blackpetgcomposite

PETG Composite

PETG composite is glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate combined with silica fibers to form a highly durable material that can easily weather the outdoors. All scraps from the manufacturing process are completely reusable.

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  •  faraclay
  •  selbyblue
  •  faracarbon
  •  sequenceyellow
  •  selbytaupe
  •  sequenceivorygrey
  •  sequencekhakiblack
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Recycled PET

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is one of the most common types of plastic in the world. Our durable PET yarns are made from this recycled plastic and feel soft to the touch.

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Outdoor Furniture Care

Outdoor Furniture Covers

Made from WeatherMAX® fabric, each of our covers is designed for a perfect fit.

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Outdoor Fabric Care

Keep your outdoor fabric looking its best with easy tips and in-depth stain removal guides.

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Outdoor Wood Care

Maintain your outdoor wood’s beauty and strength with cleaning tips and wood care products.

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