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Outdoor Fabrics & Materials

Our weather-resistant materials make spending time outdoors hassle-free, no matter what climate you call home.

Sunbrella® fabrics

We only use Sunbrella, the industry leader in outdoor performance fabrics, for our outdoor furniture, umbrellas and pillows. It has a smooth, tight weave that is stain, mildew and fade resistant and enhances water repellency, so water beads on the surface during light rain, rather than soaking in. The durable fabric is made to last for years even in harsh environments, such as near salt water, chlorine, in full sun or humid climates. Maintaining Sunbrella is easy, too. Simply brush off dirt and rinse with water.

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Plastic and recycled plastic

The plastics used to make our outdoor furniture are strong, non-porous and extraordinarily durable. They resist fading even in direct sunlight, thanks to pigments that are mixed right into the plastic. Plastic is a perfect choice for outdoor furniture because it is resistant to moisture, rotting and cracking, and impervious to stains. It can be used even in areas near salt water, chlorine and high air pollution.

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Outdoor stainless steel

Our outdoor stainless steel has an upgraded metal composition to better resist corrosion from the elements. It is domestically sourced and made from 80% recycled material. A brushed texture ensures wear marks will blend in over time. Our outdoor stainless steel will last a lifetime when cared for properly.

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Powder-coated aluminum

Aluminum is used in outdoor furniture because it is strong, lightweight and rust resistant. Our outdoor aluminum is powder-coated for a surface as smooth as paint, but much more durable. While aluminum is naturally resistant to rust, powder-coating provides extra protection against heat, moisture and changes in humidity.

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Powder-coated steel

Heavier than aluminum, steel is strong, stable and durable enough for use in any climate. Our outdoor steel products are powder-coated for a surface as smooth as paint, but much more durable. Powder coating provides extra protection against heat, moisture and changes in humidity.

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Weather, mold and pest resistant, ipe is a long-lasting choice for outdoor furniture. A naturally smooth surface with interwoven grain patterns lends beauty to this resilient, dense hardwood. Left untreated, ipe will age to grey while retaining its exceptional durability.

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Thermally modified ash

Thermally modified ash is heated in a kiln, which alters the wood's cell structure making it less susceptible to the elements. The heating process produces a dark, rich color that highlights the cathedral grain pattern of the ash. Commonly used for building exteriors and other architectural applications, this innovative, environmentally friendly material ages to a silvery grey color.

Rhinoweave® fabric

We recommend using protective covers to extend the life of your outdoor furniture and to minimize cleaning. Each cover is constructed with Rhinoweave fabric to protect against damage from sun, rain and show.

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