True Refrigeration

  • Every 30 days or as needed, True refrigerators must have their condenser coils cleaned. A dirty condenser can result in non-warrantied repairs.


  • Unplug the unit before cleaning.

  • Do not clean the unit with a pressure washer or hose.

  • Coil fins are sharp and can cut you. Please use gloves.

  • Debris dislodged while cleaning can injure your eyes. Please use eye protection.

  • Do not place any filter material in front of the condenser coils.

Condenser Cleaning Instructions

  • Pull the kickplate off the magnets, exposing the condenser coils underneath the unit.

  • Clean the coils to remove dust and debris using either a soft brush, a vacuum or pressurized air. Note: Never brush horizontally across the coil fins.

  • Use a flashlight to verify all blockages have been removed.

True Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Door - Cleaning Suggestions

  • Stainless steel gets its stainless properties from the protective chromium oxides on its surface. Scouring it or using harmful cleaning chemicals can remove these oxides, causing rust.

    • Avoid build-up of hard stains by cleaning frequently.

    • Do not use cleaners containing chlorides, quaternary salts or hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid). If you use cleaners with chlorides, immediately rinse and wipe dry.

    • If possible, soften hard water when possible. Some filters can remove corrosive elements in cleaning water.

    • Cleaners that are alkaline, alkaline-chlorinated or non-chloride are ideal for cleaning stainless steel.

    • Do not use abrasive tools to clean stainless steel. Use soft cloths and plastic scouring pads. Clean in line with the “grain” of the stainless steel.