Wool Rugs

  • Shedding is normal in high-quality wool rugs. It is a natural process inherent to the material and will decrease over time. The amount of shedding will depend on the traffic pattern and use of your rug.

  • If your rug arrives with curled ends, roll the ends in the opposite direction for a time until the rug relaxes.

  • Using the beater bar when vacuuming your rug may cause damage. Turn off the beater bar or choose the "bare floor" setting on your vacuum.

  • Avoid pulling any loose yarns. If necessary, clip the yarn even with the pile surface.

  • Rotate your rug every six months to avoid uneven fading and wear patterns.

  • Using a rug pad will extend the life of your rug, prevent slipping and provide cushioning.

  • Blot spills immediately with a clean sponge, or cloth to absorb the spill. Use a mild detergent for stains, testing on a small, inconspicuous area first.

  • Professionally clean for set-in stains or as needed.