Modern & Contemporary Living Room Furniture from Room & Board

Create a modern living room with Room & Board furniture and accessories. Inspired by the enduring design movements of the past, including Shaker, Asian, Mid-century Modern, Scandinavian and Art & Crafts, we create furniture that blends modern style with a timeless, classic look.

Whether we’re designing sofas and accent chairs or accent tables and living room storage, we focus on quality. We partner with American furniture makers to bring you pieces that combine a timeless modern aesthetic with construction that’s built to last.

The natural materials we use, like solid wood or natural steel and stone, are thoughtfully sourced and beautifully incorporated into our products. For example, all of our wood is harvested domestically within the United States. Room & Board’s long-lasting designs and conscientious business practices offer you a sustainable way to furnish your home.

Create a comfortable foundation for your living room with modern seating.  Room & Board sofas and sectionals are offered in multiple sizes and configurations to fit your style and your space. We offer L-shape and reversible chaise sectionals, in addition to sofas, loveseats and studio sofas.

Maximize your living room by choosing a comfortable modern sleeper sofa for guests, or make a statement with our artisan accent chairs, recliners or leather lounge chairs.  

The storage and accent pieces in your space are just as important and functional as the seating. Incorporate a media cabinet, bookcase or even a bar cart to amp up storage and style. Our coffee tables and end tables offer the perfect finishing touch. Room & Board’s commitment to using quality materials means you’ll enjoy your new living room storage and accent tables for years to come.

Many Room & Board living room furniture collections can be customized to your needs, including custom-sized media and storage cabinets, accent and end tables. Our sofas, sectionals and accent chairs can be custom ordered in any of our fabrics and select leathers.

Whether you have a small living room, a large, casual family room or a more formal living space, we can help you find the perfect furniture and accessories. We offer free design services to help you envision all the possibilities and choose the best living room furniture for your home. 

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