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Designed for a modern, low-profile look and fits any Room & Board bed frame.

Adjustable Bed

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Designed for a modern, low-profile look and fits any Room & Board bed frame.
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Adjustable Bed

Our adjustable beds are the slimmest on the market and fit any Room & Board bed frame. This means they won’t change the look of your bed—just the function.

Using the adjustable base is easy: a remote control lets you choose unlimited head and leg positions for the ideal support for sleeping, reading, watching TV and more. Two customizable positions let you save your favorites on the remote. The bed shifts backward, minimizing the distance between the bed and the wall, so you don't lose any space.

The preprogrammed Zero G position elevates your legs above your heart while slightly raising your head and shoulders to take pressure off the spine. And the auto-flat setting returns the bed to its default position.

Made in


  • Dimensions: 59"w 79.5"d 3.5"h
  • Mattress Size: queen adjustable base supports queen-size mattress
  • Adjustment Features: head and foot operate independently; automatic head-tilt; two customizable positions; pre-programmed with zero gravity and auto-flat positions
  • System Features: silent drive motor; lift capacity - 650 lbs; power outage protection (requires 2 9-volt batteries, not included); zero standby power system (does not draw power while not in use)
  • Considerations: no box spring required when used on our platform beds
  • Construction: steel frame; fabric-covered plastic composite decking
  • Care: adjustable bed instructions
  • Includes: wireless remote control
  • Installation: plug in; surge protector recommended; adjustable bed owner's manual PDF
  • Compatible With: Essential, Luxury and Natural mattresses
  • Product Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Recycling Fee: some states charge a recycling fee
  • Cover: 100% polyester
  • Safety: no-pinch gravity release


Additional Information

  • Product Origin: made in China
  • Material Origin: imported
  • Item Number: 572537
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