Our Holton candle holders are made from reclaimed urban wood from the Detroit area. Holland Bowl Mill creates each candle holder in its small Michigan workshop. Each one is finished with Bee’s Oil—a blend of beeswax and mineral oil that preserves the wood’s beauty and strength.

Made in
United States



  • Material: walnut
    Finish: bee/mineral oil

Additional Information

  • Item Numbers:
    589574 Set of Three (2.75" diameter 8"h)
    669140 8"h Taper Candle Holder (3" diameter 8"h)
    489676 6"h Taper Candle Holder (2.75" diameter 6"h)
    383442 4"h Taper Candle Holder (2.5" diameter 4"h)

Reclaimed Materials From Urban Wood Project: Detroit

We discovered Live Edge Detroit through our Urban Wood Project partnership with the USDA Forest Service. Founded in 2016 by father-daughter duo Mike and Jenny Barger, Live Edge Detroit reclaims trees in the Detroit area that are cut down due to disease or storm damage and repurposes them into sustainable wood for furniture and decor.