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Ramsey Desk Office Space

Why this room works

  1. The Hudson armoire offers dual functionality, providing plenty of storage space for this multi-person workspace and also gives each person a more private work area.
  2. White Choral® office chairs keep this workspace bright and airy. The simple, timeless design of this chair offers advanced ergonomic support.
  3. Get creative with storage and display space by incorporating wall shelves. The shelves are a fresh solution for personalizing a work area and for making great use of large walls.
Ramsey Desk
Options Changing 12/26 Ramsey Desk
$709 - $2,039
Portica Desks
Options Changing 12/26 Portica Desks
$499 - $3,919
Choral® Office Chairs
Choral® Office Chairs
$999 - $1,199
Mantel Wall Shelves
Mantel Wall Shelves
$159 - $189