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Nomad Ivory/grey Rug

Why this room works

  1. Our Nomad wool-blend rug sets the tone for the dining area with a variegated effect that pulls together the other colors in the room.
  2. The rounded backs and seats of the Hoop chairs provide a balance to the sleek lines of our Portica table.
  3. To avoid blocking the light-filled windows, two Alden media cabinets were used as dining storage to hold extra serving pieces and tableware.
Nomad Rug
Nomad Rug
$1,599 - $2,999
Portica Tables
Options Changing 12/26 Portica Tables
$449 - $2,909
Hoop Chair
Hoop Chair
Alden Media Cabinets
Alden Media Cabinets
$999 - $1,399
Ford Swivel Chair in Kellen Fabric
Fabric Changing 12/26 Ford Swivel Chair in Kellen Fabric