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We offer more than 15 stocked bookcase collections, each with unique variations and options. Custom bookcases are also available in by-the-inch increments. Check out our measurement tips for considerations as you browse our modern bookcases.

Narrow Your Options

Bookcases are available in various sizes, configurations and materials to fit just about every space and style. Use the statements below to help narrow your options based on your needs or for help.

I want a bookcase …

In a smaller space, smartly designed storage is key. Console bookcases offer a sleek, modern look and are easy to tuck under a window. Leaning bookcases are open and airy, keeping a space feeling larger.

Whether you need floor-to-ceiling bookcases or low-profile, modern storage, we make it easy to fill an entire wall. Choose from a range of designs, materials and sizes to fill up your space.

These bookcases come in larger sizes that can easily span an entire wall when lined up side by side, offering the classic look of a built-in bookcase. Options like doors and drawers add to the timeless built-in feel and provide hidden storage.

Rooms can benefit from a flexible solution like a bookcase with an open back. This style keeps a space open and inviting. Plus, some of these bookcases also work great as modern room dividers.

Easily keep items concealed behind bookcases with doors. Many of our bookcases include adjustable shelves behind all doors.

Maximize storage with bookcases with drawers or file storage. Easily conceal items or keep them safely tucked away for when you need them.

Get convenient, modern storage in your home with a console bookcase. This low-profile solution is available in a variety of designs and can accommodate rooms with square footage large or small.

Many of our bookcases are made to house media components. Whether you’re placing a TV on top or inside of a bookcase or positioning it above the wall, you won’t be short on options. Plus, many bookcases include cord openings for easy wire management.

We offer three custom bookcase collections that let you select from multiple heights and depths and choose your preferred width. Whether you're looking to add storage in a small corner or across a large wall, our modern custom bookcases are a great solution.

Measurement Tips

To create a space that’s functional and comfortable, make sure you have enough room for your bookcase. We recommend using these guidelines as you select your dimensions. Looking for additional advice about measuring or suggestions to fit your space?

Measure Your Space

  • Remember to account for windows, crown molding, baseboards, outlets and light switches into your measurements.
  • When selecting the dimensions for your bookcase, consider any stairs, doorways, hallways or other tight spaces your bookcase might need to maneuver through for delivery.

General Safety

  • All of our bookcases include anti-tip safety hardware.
  • We recommend placing your heaviest items on the bottom of the bookcase and lighter items on top for a balance of weight.


  • Consider the width and height of your TV to ensure proper proportions and viewing comfort.
  • Please note that most remote controls will not work through wood doors.
  • Measure any items you wish to store in your bookcase to ensure they will fit within the interior dimensions. Standard heights of common items are below:
    • Book height: 9 to 13 inches
    • Magazine height: 11 inches
    • Vinyl record height: 7 to 12 inches
    • Media component height: 4 to 10 inches

Get Inspired

See ways to add style and function to any space with our modern bookcases.

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