Small Bedroom Ideas & Furniture

Create a relaxing retreat with these small bedroom ideas. Your bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be defined simply by a small bed or small storage. With these small space design tips and furniture favorites, you can pack plenty of style and function into a limited amount of bedroom space.

Beds for Small Spaces

Design Ideas

  • Skip a bulky bed frame. Thin, straight lines will maximize every inch in your bedroom and keep your space feeling more open. Light woods and natural or stainless steel are timeless materials that enhance a slim silhouette.
  • Storage beds have discreet drawers to hold whatever you need, without taking up additional floor space. Just make sure there’s room to extend the drawer.
  • Make your own under-the-bed storage solution with a bed that has a higher clearance for organizational bins and boxes below.
  • A modern sleeper sofa or daybed is a sophisticated alternative for a traditional bed, especially if you’re in a studio space where the sleeping area is always visible.

Tiny Tip:
Consolidate shoes, bags and more in under-bed storage bins. Our Kori bins are made from a wool-blend fabric so they’re easy to collapse and stash underneath tight areas.

Dressers & Armoires for Small Spaces

Design Ideas

  • If there’s nowhere else to go, go up! Tall dressers pack tons of storage into a simple design that takes up less floor space than a traditional dresser.
  • Solve all your storage needs with one piece of furniture. A modern armoire may take up more square feet, but you’ll be able to store everything you need behind sleek doors and drawers.

Nightstands for Small Spaces

Design Ideas

  • Opt for a larger size nightstand that can double as a dresser or additional storage.
  • Place a wall-mounted nightstand next to the bed for a clean, modern look that saves square footage.
  • C-shaped nightstands and tables feature a unique design that allows you tuck the table base under the bed and maximize space.

Tiny Tip:
Hang a pendant or sconce near the bed. You’ll gain perfect bedside lighting and a unique architectural element to your bedroom.

Wall Shelves & Ledges for Small Spaces

Design Ideas

  • Reduce your furniture footprint with shelves and ledges. It’s a minimal, elegant storage solution that knows no bounds.
  • Use a deep shelf as a nightstand or create an entire wall of storage with multiple shelves and ledges.

Small Spaces, Big Ideas

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