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Parsons Bed with Linear Wall-Mounted Nightstand

Why this room works

  1. The Parsons bed features a clean, sleek design made from natural steel that's made to be timeless. The minimal style matches the aesthetic of the room and is a blank canvas for colorful bedding and pillows.
  2. Break away from traditional nightstands with our Linear wall-mounted option. It still offers plenty of storage and surface area, all within a unique design that maximizes the modern look of this space.
  3. The Element Disc™ sconce provides focused light. Sconces are a smart option in small bedrooms because they don't take up additional floor space, and you're able to direct light where you need it the most with its movable arm.
Parsons Bed
Parsons Bed
$599 - $999
Taos Rugs
New Taos Rugs
$69 - $799