Leather With Oil-and-Wax Finished Wood

General Upholstery Care

  • Furniture with a combination of leather and oil-and-wax finished wood requires periodic conditioning to keep the wood and leather moisturized.

  • To maintain the wood, treat it annually with Room & Board Satin Wax. Apply with a clean, white cloth following the direction of the grain pattern. Using another cloth, buff to remove excess wax and achieve a smooth finish. Take care to avoid getting Satin Wax on the leather, as it can leave a permanent mark. Satin Wax can be purchased in our stores, online or by calling 800.301.9720.

  • To maintain the leather, use a leather conditioner when the leather feels dry. Take care to avoid getting leather conditioner on the oiled-and-waxed wood, as it can darken the wood.

  • Do not use water to remove oil-based stains on leather. Blot with a dry, clean, white cloth. The spot will dissipate into the leather over time.

  • For water-based spills on leather, use distilled water and a clean white cloth. You may also use leather cleaning products. Test in an inconspicuous area first.

  • Leather will naturally stretch with use, adding to its comfort and character.

  • For routine cleaning, dust the leather and wood with a clean, dry cloth.

  • To prevent fading, avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight.