Modern & Contemporary Home Decor and Accessories from Room & Board

Modern home decor from Room & Board makes it easy to create a home that's comfortable, unique, and above all, personal. We find makers, materials and styles from all over the U.S. and the world to curate a collection of contemporary items that make a statement.

Many of our home decor partners are using age-old techniques to create pieces you won't find anywhere else: hand-blown glass pendants from Hennepin Made - a small northeast Minneapolis studio - or hand-block printed pillows from a husband and wife shop in Philadelphia, or ceramics that are crafted by hand by a group of friends in North Carolina, Room & Board home decor and accessories are made with ethically sourced materials whenever possible. Room & Board is also proud partners with The Blessing Basket Project®, an organization in which basket artisans receive a Prosperity Wage, which is at least 2.5 times the Fair Trade Wage, helping the African artisans provide for their families.

Easily give your space a refresh or makeover with Room & Board modern home decor and accessories. Throw blankets and throw pillows are made from wool, cotton and more, to add a cozy layer to your living room or bedroom. Looking for more layers? Room & Board bedding is made to mix: Our exclusive collection makes it easy to layer colors and textures to create your unique oasis. 

Make a modern frame wall with Room & Board. We use modern mirrors, picture frames and picture ledges, as well as modern shelves and unique clocks to make a decor statement. See inspiring wall arrangement ideas and get tips for hanging a personal gallery with the Room & Board frame wall guide

Become your own art curator by shopping our vintage artwork, Pop Art graphics, and one-of-a-kind found artwork. All Room & Board artwork is framed by hand in a solid wood or steel frame so you're ensured gallery-like quality every time you shop artwork with Room & Board. 

Get organized with modern home decor and home organization products. You'll love our artisan-crafted coat racks and wall hooks, plus magazine and storage baskets that play into your contemporary space. Our canvas and leather totes, bags and carriers make great modern gifts. Shop all gift ideas or gifts that are $99 and under.

Room & Board accessories are made to complement modern and contemporary furniture. You'll love the handcrafted touches of unique items like solid wood candle holders, handcrafted nesting ceramic bowls, hand block-printed dining table runners and more. We have all the pieces you need to complete your home. Visit or visit one of our stores

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