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Detail of Paul Nelson Nuthatch
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Artisan Crafted by
Paul Nelson

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American Goldfinch

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Northern Cardinal Male

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Red-Winged Blackbird Male

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Paul Nelson

Photographer Paul Nelson followed the migratory patterns of North American birds to capture a one-of-akind glimpse of their natural and captivating movements as they take off for flight. Paul takes his photographs using a portable high-speed camera rig he specifically designed for this project. His portrayal of birds in their natural habitats without the distraction of complex backgrounds strikes a balance that is both beautiful and intimate. Only available at Room & Board.

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Artisan Crafted by:
Paul Nelson
made in Minnesota

Photographer Paul Nelson captures split-second images of birds as they take flight. Inspired by John James Audubon’s Birds of America watercolors, Nelson’s photographs offer rare close-up views so lusciously detailed they take on the visual quality of an intricate painting.

  • Frame Width: 1"w
  • Technique: photography: the art of creating images by capturing the present moment via camera film or optical sensor
  • Construction: solid wood frame; mitered corners; archival acid-free mounting materials; shatterproof plexiglass insert
  • Wall Mounting: hanging wire
  • Care: wipe with damp cloth, dry immediately; clean insert with plexiglass cleaner sprayed onto cloth
  • Product Origin: made in Minnesota
  • Material Origin: United States and imported
  • Item Numbers:
    American Goldfinch (30"w 1"d 24"h)
    Northern Cardinal Male (30"w 1"d 24"h)
    Nuthatch (30"w 1"d 24"h)
    Red-Winged Blackbird Male (30"w 1"d 24"h)
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  • Material: archival paper
  • Secondary Material: wood frame
  • Color: white