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Hanneman 17h Curve Top Reclaimed Wood Stool
Reclaimed Materials From
Urban Wood Project: Baltimore

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Current Wood selection: Reclaimed pine

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Hanneman 17h Curve Top Reclaimed Wood Stool
wood: Reclaimed pine
Item No: 285771


Born from our partnership with the USDA Forest Service and the city of Baltimore, the Hanneman stool is a beautiful example of sustainability in action. The yellow pine is carefully salvaged from Baltimore row houses by an organization that supports individuals with barriers to employment. Rather than go to a landfill, this reclaimed wood finds new life in your home as sustainable furniture. 

Reclaimed Materials From:
Urban Wood Project: Baltimore
made in Maryland

The pine and Douglas fir lumber used in these pieces comes from vacant rowhomes, barns and other sites on the East Coast, which are meticulously deconstructed through a Baltimore program that hires people with barriers to employment. Much of the reclaimed wood is originally from eastern old-growth forests; it was harvested and used for building projects more than a century ago.

Details of Hanneman 17h Curve Top Reclaimed Wood Stool

  • Dimensions: 17"w 8"d 17"h
  • Care: wipe with damp cloth, dry immediately
  • Product Origin: made in Maryland
  • Material Origin: United States
  • Item Number: 285771
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  • Material: reclaimed pine
  • Material Description: Reclaimed pine adds natural texture, color and grain patterns that complement other finishes and materials. Salvaged from U.S. barns, row houses and other sites on the East Coast, the unique markings on each board show the history of its former use and can include knots, small splits, iron stains and nail holes. Because of its age, minimal color change will occur.
  • Finish: oil-and-wax