Small Bathroom Ideas

Learn how to design a functional and beautiful small bathroom.


Design Ideas

  • We offer a range of vanity sizes, but 26", 36" and 48" vanities often work best for small bathrooms.
  • Choose vanities with as much storage as possible, whether that’s closed storage or shelves underneath the vanity.
  • Pick colors that coordinate with your bathroom and won’t overwhelm the space visually.

Tiny Tip:
Vanities with a base or legs help lighten your space visually.

Mirrors and Lighting

Design Ideas

  • We recommend a mirror size slightly smaller than your vanity’s width for the perfect proportion.
  • Consider a round or arched mirror to add an interesting architectural element to your small bathroom.
  • Adding sconces above or beside your mirror makes getting ready easier and more flattering.


Design Ideas

  • We love 2'x3' rugs for small bathrooms. Or, try a runner rug that spans the full space.
  • For rugs near showers, consider an indoor/outdoor rug. These durable rugs easily hold up to wet floors.
  • Try a wool rug in front of your sink. Our soft and luxurious wool rugs are durable and easy to spot clean.
  • Be sure to add a rubber rug pad to prevent slipping.

Tiny Tip:
Low-pile rugs are best for bathrooms.


Design Ideas

  • Calm your bathroom clutter with small storage items like baskets and bins. If it’s out, give it a home.
  • Choose easy-to-clean decor that also serves a purpose like trays, cups or soap dishes.
  • Make the most of vertical space by adding wall hooks and shelves to maximize storage.
  • Pick items with colors that pair back to your rug, shower curtain or towels.

Tiny Tip:
Complete your space with finishing touches like bathroom hardware and towel bars.

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