Small Home Office Ideas

Design the perfect home workspace with our helpful small office ideas.

Small Desks

Design Ideas

  • Your office can share space with your bedroom, closet or living room. Grab the measuring tape and see what your options are.
  • We recommend a desk depth of at least 20" so you have room to work.
  • The most popular small desks are 30", 36" or 48" wide. Depending on your space, you could go larger or order a custom desk size.

Tiny Tip:
Console tables can be the perfect size for a small desk in a narrow space.

Multifunctional Desks

Design Ideas

  • Save space by including your workspace within a storage piece like a bookshelf desk or an office armoire.
  • Bookshelf desks offer storage at multiple levels plus a work surface at desk height.
  • Office armoires provide hidden storage plus the ability to put the workday away by folding up your desk.

Tiny Tip:
Create your own a custom storage piece with a desk using our Beam Modular Storage Builder.

Office Storage

Design Ideas

  • Rolling filing cabinets easily tuck under your desk for additional small-scale storage.
  • Consider a bookcase with file storage for a combination of open and closed office storage.
  • File storage cabinets can serve double-duty in any room while still holding space for office supplies.

Tiny Tip:
An end table, nightstand or console is a great place to stash extra office supplies.

Office Chairs

Design Ideas

  • An office chair with no arms takes up less space and can tuck fully under your desk.
  • To save space, consider using a comfortable dining chair as an office chair.
  • For long hours at your desk, choose one of our ergonomic office chairs.

Organization and Lighting

Design Ideas

  • Desktop organization is a must for small desks. Add trays, pencil cups and cord organizers to keep your space clean.
  • Take advantage of vertical wall space by adding shelves to store small items or display inspiration.
  • Consider lighting that doesn’t take up valuable desk space like small-scale task lamps or wall-mounted lights.
  • If your office is within your living or bedroom, a table lamp can soften the look of your desk while still providing task lighting.

Tiny Tip:
A monitor riser is good for your posture and provides storage for small items beneath it.

Office Chair Comparison Guide

Compare the options and find the right office chair for your body.

Free Small Space Design Advice

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