Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

Create another room in your home by maximizing your small outdoor space. A combination of smartly scaled balcony and patio furniture can help carve out areas for outdoor entertaining, lounging and dining all with the modern look you love.

Small Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Design Ideas

  • Stackable chairs are a win for small outdoor spaces. Easy to store anywhere.
  • Round chairs allow for easier flow in a small outdoor space. Bonus if they swivel!
  • Armless chairs save extra inches on either side.

Small Outdoor Sofas

Design Ideas

  • A small sofa can take the place of two chairs, making it a comfortable seating alternative that also saves square footage.
  • Choose a sofa with a low back, thin arms or a shallow depth. The slim profile helps your space feel visually light.

Small Outdoor Dining & Patio Tables

Design Ideas

  • Eliminate running into table corners and opt for a round design. Many of our round tables also feature a pedestal base. This style takes up less square footage and allows you to easily slide chairs underneath the table.
  • Consider an outdoor coffee table as your main dining table. The combination of dining and lounge is a smart two-in-one solution.
  • Create the illusion of a larger space with light colors and materials. Light finishes will keep your space feeling open.

Small Outdoor Dining & Patio Chairs

Design Ideas

  • Stackable chairs are easy to consolidate and store when not in use.
  • Embrace multi-function with an outdoor bench – use it as seating or a table. Plus, our modern bench designs can easily be pulled indoors for extra seating whenever needed.
  • Many of our chairs are available in a wide variety of colors to add a pop of personality to your outdoor space.

Small Outdoor Counter & Bar Tables

Design Ideas

  • Place a bar table against the wall or balcony rail to free up space in narrow areas. You can still fit multiple stools around the table.
  • Choose an outdoor counter table that has a minimal base design, keeping space underneath the table as open as possible.
  • Love hosting cocktail hour? Go modern and chair-less. Comfortably stand and gather around a bar height table.

Small Outdoor Counter & Bar Stools

Design Ideas

  • Consider backless counter or bar stools. They can easily tuck under a counter.
  • Opt for stools with pedestal bases or slim silhouettes to maximize space.

Tiny Tip:
We use the best materials that defy all types of weather so your furniture can stay outdoors, all year long. You don’t have to worry about storing outdoor furniture in another location.

Small Outdoor Storage & Decor

Design Ideas

  • Combining storage and style is a must in a small outdoor space. That’s why we love multi-functional items like ottomans or tables with built-in storage.
  • Select items like benches or end tables to provide dual function as table surface area or as seating.

Small Spaces, Big Ideas

See all of our small space design tips and learn how to make the most of minimal square footage.

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