Sustainable Wood Sourcing Policy

Version: 2.0; Status: Final; Current version effective since January 2024

Our commitment

More than 90% of our furniture and decor is manufactured in the United States using top-quality U.S. and imported materials. Wood is the most widely used material in our products, and we are committed to responsibly and sustainably sourcing this natural resource.

Our approach

We work with our manufacturing partners on an ongoing basis to increase the amount of wood from responsibly managed North American forests as well as certified, recycled and reclaimed sources. Room & Board seeks out local wood for many of our products and prefers to buy wood from sources that carry the following certifications: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc. (AHMI) and National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA).

We work with our manufacturing partners to avoid wood from sources we consider unacceptable, including:

  • Illegally harvested or traded timber
  • Timber harvested in violation of traditional or civil rights
  • Timber harvested from areas in which conservation values are threatened by poor forest management
  • Timber harvested from areas being converted from forest to agricultural land or non-forest use
  • Timber harvested from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted

We implement this policy through our verification process and ongoing conversations with our manufacturing partners.

We plan to sustainably source 100% of our wood by 2025. We report on this goal annually.

Through this policy and its implementation, Room & Board aims to be a national leader in sustainable wood sourcing and to do our part to protect the world’s forests. We are proud to be among the High Scorers in the 2023 Wood Furniture Scorecard, an initiative developed by the National Wildlife Foundation and the Sustainable Furnishings Council to build awareness of best practices, support progress and recognize leadership in responsible wood sourcing.