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You can’t get tougher than steel. Exceptionally durable and virtually indestructible, we combine all the strength of this raw material and bridge it with timeless, modern design. The result is the Parsons bed, a classic piece we’ve been making in collaboration with Minnesota welders at Bell Manufacturing since 1990.

We domestically source our natural steel from 99% recycled raw materials and hand-selected for consistent color, texture and quality.

Natural steel

Skilled craftsmen drill, form and weld the raw material. They then smooth and oxidize welded areas to bring the pieces of Parsons together.

Steel bed being welded

Weld marks are intentionally left on each bed to create an industrial quality. A clear lacquer finishes the Parsons to protects against rusting and enhances the natural richness of the steel.

Steel bed frames

The finished product is a beautiful and virtually indestructible bed that fits seamlessly into any style of room. See for yourself by browsing customer-submitted photos featuring Parsons here.

Parsons bed in bedroom

Our Parsons bed is also available with built-in power and USB outlets and offered in 14 powder-coated colors in addition to natural steel.

See more steel furniture and accessories made in partnership with Bell Manufacturing online and in our stores.

Photos by Room & Board

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