Modern & Contemporary Office Furniture from Room & Board

Create a modern home office with Room & Board office furniture and office organization decor.

Room & Board offers a variety of home office desks and executive desks, including solid wood desks, console desks, L-shaped desks, adjustable height desks, desks with built-in power outlets and USB ports and desks with built-in storage, and you can design your own modern desk. 

You'll see the same furniture design influences in Room & Board office furniture that we use throughout our collection, like Asian, Shaker, Mid-century Modern, Scandinavian and Arts & Crafts. It's easy to create a sustainably furnished office with Room & Board modern and contemporary desks. We use sustainably sourced wood whenever possible from maple, ash, cherry and walnut. 

We work exclusively with Humanscale® and Okamura to bring you ergonomic and stylish office chairs. Each office chair is engineered to help you create a healthy workspace by evenly distributing pressure and promoting natural alignment with great support. Compare Room & Board's office chairs with our Office Chair Comparison Guide. You will find fully adjustable chairs, semi-adjustable chairs, minimally adjustable chairs, as well as modern stools for offices, and meeting room chairs. Get free UPS shipping on Room & Board office chairs.

Explore beautiful contemporary file storage pieces. From small rolling file cabinets to filling an office wall with bookcase or file storage, Room & Board offers handcrafted furniture made of the finest U.S. and imported materials. Locked drawers are available on most Room & Board office storage. We also offer modern printer carts, perfect for small offices. 

Modern task lamps are a great addition to a contemporary home office or workspace. Lighting can change the look of a room. Room & Board partners with Humanscale task lighting and Tolomeo task lighting to offer you the best office lamps. We also design Room & Board task lamps of high quality materials that use LED bulbs so you can sustainably and smartly light your office.

Looking to furnish your business? Visit Room & Board Business Interiors to work with our experienced interior design team. We have quality, modern office furniture you'll love, the options you need and a dedicated team to make your dream office a reality. 

Shop all modern and contemporary office furniture at or visit one of our stores.

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