Sofas & Sectionals

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Crescent Sectionals
New Option Crescent Sectionals
$2,398 - $4,047
5 sizes, more colors, 3 bases
Crescent Sofas
New Option Crescent Sofas
$1,199 - $1,599
2 sizes, more colors, 3 bases
Crescent Sofas with Chaise
New Option Crescent Sofas with Chaise
$2,398 - $2,598
2 styles, 3 frame colors, more colors
Emmet Sofa
Emmet Sofa
9 colors
Emmet Sofa with Cushion
New Emmet Sofa with Cushion
more colors, 9 frame colors
Emmet Tall Sofa
Emmet Tall Sofa
9 colors
Emmet Tall Sofa with Cushion
New Emmet Tall Sofa with Cushion
more colors, 9 frame colors
Isles Sofa
New Option Isles Sofa
$1,599 - $1,799
more colors, 3 frame colors
Laguna Sectionals
New Option Laguna Sectionals
$1,998 - $4,895
4 sizes, more colors
Laguna Sofa
New Option Laguna Sofa
$1,099 - $1,299
more colors
Maya Modular Sectional
New Option Maya Modular Sectional
$3,098 - $3,998
3 styles, more colors
Maya Sofas
New Option Maya Sofas
$1,699 - $2,299
2 sizes, more colors
Montego Sofas
Montego Sofas
$1,699 - $1,799
2 sizes, 4 colors
Montego Sofas with Cushions
New Option Montego Sofas with Cushions
$1,999 - $2,399
2 sizes, more colors, 4 frame colors
Oasis Sectionals
New Option Oasis Sectionals
$2,298 - $3,598
10 sizes, more colors
Oasis Sofas
New Option Oasis Sofas
$1,199 - $1,899
4 sizes, more colors
Oasis Sofas with Chaise
New Option Oasis Sofas with Chaise
$2,298 - $3,598
6 sizes, more colors
Palm Sectionals
New Palm Sectionals
$3,799 - $6,299
3 sizes, more colors
Palm Sofa with Chaise
New Palm Sofa with Chaise
$3,799 - $4,599
2 sizes, more colors
Palm Sofas
New Option Palm Sofas
$2,299 - $2,799
2 sizes, more colors
Rayo Sofas
New Rayo Sofas
$1,699 - $2,099
2 sizes, more colors, 9 frame colors


It’s easy to move the party outside when you have a fully furnished outdoor living room. Modern and contemporary outdoor sofas and sectionals from Room & Board make it simple to create the comfort of indoors, outdoors.

Whatever you’re setting up as your outdoor living space, from patio to balcony to deck to garden to yard, Room & Board can help you with outdoor sofas and sectionals made to stand up to the elements and still be comfortable and inviting.

Our outdoor sofas and sectionals are built to the same high standards as our indoor versions and with the same modern design influences. The difference is in the materials. Our outdoor upholstered furniture is made with high-quality materials chosen for their durability and suitability for outdoor use.

Choose fully upholstered sofas and sectionals for a cushiony feeling that mimics indoor furniture. Or consider sofas made from a mix of wood and outdoor-grade stainless steel for a striking combination that fits into any outdoor space. Add weather-resistant cushions for plush comfort. For something more casual, take a look at our modern versions of classic outdoor sofas made from recycled high-density plastic.

Every fully upholstered outdoor sofa and sectional is made with high-performance materials. Frames are made from marine-grade plywood to resist water, warping and cracking for lasting durability. Precision-cut frame parts fit together like puzzle pieces and are reinforced with waterproof glue and rust-resistant fasteners for enhanced outdoor performance.

We only use Sunbrella® fabrics on our outdoor furniture, which is known for its fade and stain resistance. Plus, it makes for easy-to-clean outdoor furniture. Our outdoor cushions are made from high-quality foam designed to take on the elements while providing maximum comfort.

Designed to maximize the ease of outdoor living, our outdoor sofas and sectionals can be combined with our outdoor chaises, chairs and ottomans to create any seating configuration you need for outdoor entertaining. 

Learn more about the materials we use for outdoor furniture in our guide, and check out how to care for outdoor furniture for cleaning and maintenance tips. Explore our outdoor inspiration gallery for ideas about how to create a welcoming outdoor space with a modern look.