Media Cabinets

Modern Media Storage from Room & Board

The beauty of Room & Board media storage furniture is its ability to keep up with ever-changing electronics and technology. And with�our exclusive array of modern design influences, hardware options and shapes and sizes to choose from, Room & Board media consoles are timeless works of art, designed to look right at home for years to come.

All Room & Board media solutions are rooted in sustainable design principles. Longevity is an important element of sustainability, and Room & Board is proud to partner with artisans that share our vision of traditional American craftsmanship combined with an abiding respect for nature.

You'll find a range of natural and sustainable material options that are thoughtfully sourced and expertly integrated into the Room & Board collection. For example, our solid wood pieces are made from domestically sourced species like walnut, cherry, maple and ash.

Form & Function

Because of its prominence, you want media center furniture that accommodates your DVR players, cable boxes, dedicated video streamers, speakers and gaming systems while keeping your space true to your personal taste and style.

As media components become more compact, Room & Board has added new solutions to our collection of consoles, cabinets and towers. Room & Board media centers can combine open and closed storage elements so you can showcase the pieces of your media collection you?re most proud of while concealing technology you prefer to remain out of sight.

Many of our media cabinets and entertainment centers feature wood doors that create visual harmony with other pieces in your room, such as coffee tables and accent chairs.

You can even keep Room & Board media shelves and cabinets free of all electronics and let the inherent beauty of the piece shine through in other ways, like using it as a modern setting for frames, mirrors, greenery and more.

Measuring Your Space

Finding the perfect media piece starts with two factors: the size of your television and the size of your room. It?s important to check if the piece you?ve chosen will fit into your home, so we?ve created a handy�measurement guide to help you measure not just your space, but your entryways as well.

And if you live near a Room & Board store, you can take advantage of our in-home Fit Call for just $39 and leave the measuring to us.

Need some guidance?�Our Design Associates have firsthand knowledge of all Room & Board media consoles and TV stands and would love to help. Just visit a Room & Board store or contact us for free expert design advice.