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Hello, fellow Room & Board enthusiasts! This is Chloe Roth and I’m a copywriter and art director based in San Francisco. Last year, I achieved a lifelong goal, purchasing my first home. And my initial act of ownership pride was vowing not to furnish it until I had the exact pieces. Which meant a lot of months eating off of cardboard boxes. I’d learned the hard way that “temporary” furniture always turns into permanent furniture, which kept me to my oath.

Having grown up in Hawaii, I love warm weather, bright light, and natural wood decor. There’s a saying, “The coldest winter I ever spent was the summer in San Francisco.” Located blocks from a different type of beach than I grew up with, my new house is located in the greyest neighborhood. I decided to take advantage of Room & Board’s complimentary design services to help me bring some island light, and warmth—plus a modern touch—to the 1940’s bungalow.

Galen, one of the San Francisco store’s Design Associates, was an absolute joy and lifesaver. With my clients’ creative content I know exactly what color, shape, and size I want everything to be. Like the challenge of writing your own bio, I had a giant blind spot keeping me from decorating my home. Through all of my fickleness, indecision, and OCD, he kept steady and guided me in the right direction. Galen knew just what height the dressers should be to match the bed, how big the mirrors should be to complement the furniture, which color the lamps should be to highlight the rooms’ paint colors—and he helped me put together an online Room & Board wishlist that looked so cohesive, even my very particular art director’s eye couldn’t deny its perfection!

(Creating a wishlist on the Room & Board’s site is a great way to test the cohesion of your pieces—it even lets you separate your picks into different rooms!)

Since I often work from home- I decided to concentrate our efforts on the bedroom. I had a beautiful custom bed frame made by local designer Ben Winslow and I wanted to match its airy, light natural wood feel. It still amazes me how just a few pieces can create cohesion, but when Galen showed me the Hudson collection in maple, and the Serena and Simone table lamps in ivory, the entire room suddenly came together.

To make the room feel big enough for a king size bed, Galen and I decided to go with two large statement mirrors—one tall Hudson Leaning Mirror to match the dresser set, and the Infinity Custom Round mirror in the biggest size possible (47 glorious inches!) to sit above the long dresser.

Since I had achieved the understated, monochromatic atmosphere I wanted in the bedroom, I decided to go loud for the office—something to keep me awake when I’m on a writing deadline! I wanted to get one big statement piece to live on the deep green accent wall, and it had to be the Foshay bookcase. So when I went to the San Francisco store for my design meetings, I fell in love with this piece. It is the perfect place to display my favorite books, collectibles, souvenirs, and vintage lamp collection!

I owe a huge thank you to Room & Board’s free design services for leading me to Galen. Because, without him, I would still be working on my wishlist a year later. To follow along with the renovation process, follow me on Instagram at @thechloeroth. To see the full house reveal, visit




The Room & Board product featured in this post was gifted to Chloe Roth for her home. All opinions are her own. 

Photos by Andrea Posadas

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  1. Heidi says:

    Would you be able to share the source for your rope basket next to the dresser?

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