A love of woodworking, nature and home inspire the craftspeople at Caperton furniture in the Shenandoah Valley.

Wood is carefully sanded to ensure a smooth finish that will last.

On a West Virginia mountain ridge with sweeping river valley views, Gat Caperton started his business with a commitment to creating furniture that celebrates the wood, the people and the land. Today, Gat and the dedicated artisans who make up the award-winning company work closely with Room & Board to build quality solid wood furniture, drawing from construction techniques of their heritage to ensure a lifetime of use.

Stain is hand-applied for a beautiful, even finish.

Using sustainably harvested wood, Caperton builds only what is ordered. They don't import materials or run an assembly line. They simply employ talented people who cherish wood and love to build things for a living. One artisan even keeps a record of every table he has built since starting with the company in 1986. The end result is heirloom-quality furniture that showcases individual craftsmanship—each piece is signed and dated by the artisan who created it.

Every piece of furniture is signed by the artisan who crafted it.

Using American hardwood to build a piece of furniture that will last 100 years or more makes product life cycle a major contributing factor to Caperton's holistic philosophy on sustainability. The company diligently minimizes daily impact by focusing on raw materials, energy and people, sourcing 95 percent of wood within a 350-mile-radius and turning waste streams into energy with a state-of-the-art biomass burner.