KleinReid, based in New York City, stands at the forefront of porcelain design and wall art, infusing every piece with thoughtful design, fine craftsmanship and lasting beauty.

Ceramic vessels awaiting glaze.

In 1993, artists James Klein and David Reid began collaborating with a shared vision to create objects they love and to have fun doing it. Drawing inspiration from the shared history of people and vessels, they elevate the simple form of a vase into a symbol of the human body, reflecting an array of physical traits, gestures and emotions.

KleinReid creates each design by hand in their New York City studio. Beginning with a drawing, they cut paper silhouettes before employing fine "from-scratch" craftsmanship to create elegant forms with dense, translucent porcelain and artisanal glazes.

The form continually inspires our curiosity about a vessel’s body double attributes, allowing us to explore what it means to be human.

James Klein, Artist/Co-founder

Potter at work finishing a porcelain piece.

In 1999, James and David approached design legend Eva Zeisel with a proposal to collaborate. Revered for her sensual take on modernism, Ms. Zeisel was a huge inspiration to the pair. With a storied background since 1924, she appreciated KleinReid's merging of industrial techniques and artisanal quality. The trio's work includes the enduring "Eva" line of vases. According to James, "The form continually inspires our curiosity about a vessel's body double attributes, allowing us to explore what it means to be human."

James Klein, David Reid and Eva Zeisel collaborated on several series of vessels and prints.

The pair also collaborated with Ms. Zeisel on limited edition, hand-printed art pieces and they treasured their work and friendship with her. "She taught us to design with honesty and love and without limitations," David says.

All of the pieces produced by KleinReid reflect an artisan's touch. Every ceramic vessel goes through a 28-step process, from mixing porcelain and glazes from proprietary recipes to making and hand-finishing every vessel. And wall art is hand-printed with images drawn from many sources of inspiration.