Pablo combines simple beauty and function to create lighting capable of transforming its surroundings.

Pablo Pardo designs modern lighting in California.

I don’t believe that lighting is simply a matter of on or off, lighting is one of the most universal aspects of design. Changing lighting is the easiest way to control and transform an environment.

Pablo Pardo

Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo founded San Francisco-based Pablo in 1993. Since then, the company has pushed the boundaries of home lighting, producing some of the industry's most innovative designs. "Great ideas can come from very humble objects," says Pablo, who finds inspiration in everything from a sunrise to kitchen utensils and camping equipment. "I notice the light in everything I look at, from walls to open spaces."

The company favors fresh designs and materials, as well as innovative manufacturing practices. "I always try to consider the setting around a piece as much as the piece itself," Pablo explains. "It's more about the light and less about the lamp. The designs are simple, but with meaning."