With an unwavering focus on ergonomics, Humanscale® designs modern office furniture that creates a healthier, more comfortable workspace.

Craftspeople pay attention to every detail of Humanscale office chairs.

Founded in 1983 by Bob King, Humanscale has been a pioneer in the field of workplace ergonomics for more than 30 years. Today Humanscale designs and manufactures a whole range of ergonomic furniture. Since the beginning, Humanscale has made sure that every product is grounded in performance, simplicity and beauty. “We don’t consider ourselves a furniture company—we make ergonomic work tools,” says Bob King, Founder and CEO.

Humanscale products may look simple; however, they’re anything but basic. Designers and engineers work together to ensure function comes first but that the end result is also beautiful. In fact, Humanscale has won 135 international design awards since 2008. “We make chairs and desks that adjust to the user, not the other way around,” says Bob. “There’s a clear focus on ease of use when it comes to our products.”

We make chairs and desks that adjust to the user, not the other way around.

Bob King, Founder and CEO

The company believes that well-designed products can do more with less material, allowing performance and sustainability to work together. Bob says, “We take a lot of pride in how everything is constructed.” This means the design team considers environmental impacts at every stage of product development.

Humanscale’s concern for the environment is felt globally through its sponsorship of a 1.5 million-acre World Wildlife Fund (WWF) project in Cambodia. The company is funding the preservation and restoration of this diverse ecosystem which includes tigers, leopards, Asian elephants and other indigenous species. Bob has also served on the National Council of the WWF since 1999. Environmental leadership is reflected in everything Humanscale does.