Wood Castle

This family-owned business crafts timeless furniture from sustainably harvested wood.

Wood Castle owners BJ Loe and Ron Loe stand in front of wood that will be used to make Room & Board furniture.

Coming from a long line of Norwegian woodworkers, the family who founded Wood Castle opened the doors to their small workshop in Albany, Oregon in 1978. Since then, they’ve grown into a factory with a team of about 50 local craftspeople, but Wood Castle is still family owned and operated.

A craftsperson in the Wood Castle workshop inspects a drawer on a finished piece.

Inspired by what makes Scandinavian furniture great, Wood Castle describes their pieces as “casual contemporary furniture, designed to last.” Their team of craftspeople uses a combination of local hardwood, efficient machinery and hand-made parts to achieve this goal, so you can take pride in owning furniture that can be passed on to the next generation.

We make furniture designed to be enjoyed for lifetimes—from some of the most sustainably managed forests in the world.

Ron Loe, Founder and President

Local, sustainably harvested wood awaiting construction.

Wood Castle’s back yard of rural Oregon is home to some of the most sustainably managed forests in the world, where no clear-cutting is allowed and trees are selectively harvested and replanted. Wood Castle sources 100% of their wood domestically, a great majority of it coming from within just a 12-mile radius of their factory. What’s more, their factory is powered by a local hydropower plant and 99% of their wood fiber waste is recycled.